Our winners and incubation partners have been busy. Here's an update on the winning ideas! Some are already live, some are close, and some have been hard to get off the ground. That's innovation. Read more below...


LIVE!!! Creative Geelong MakerSpace

The Idea: A Makers Hub (MakerSpace, CoWork, Art Studio) to encourage collaboration via art, design and technology disciplines in Geelong.

Progress: The Makers Hub was launched on 20 September 2017. A significant advocacy and stakeholder engagement effort via Creative Geelong Inc culminated in a $100,000 grant over two years from the City of Greater Geelong. There is ongoing engagement regarding further government support and sponsorship as the space develops its offering to the community.

“If you have commitment to see your idea through to reality, know that it takes hours of volunteer time and significant effort from a group of people who believe in the idea. Keeping focus on your core purpose as well as an eye on detail and nurturing key relationships has been key.” Jennifer Cromarty

More about Geelong's new Makers Hub


Live!!! Teaching young people “Life admin”

The Idea: As simple as teaching young people how to apply for rental properties, how to do their taxes, apply for a visa, what a mortgage is, what being an adult means etc.

Progress: The idea is now live across Australia! With FYA's "How To Adult" series reaching over 250,000 young people.

"I never would've thought my idea was worth anything, so If you think you've got a dumb idea – it's probably not. It's been fantastic to see it come to life with FYA and reach such a huge audience and making an impact!" Kenny Chy

View Kenny Chy's "How to Adult" idea, brought to life by FYA as a video series



The Idea: Older generations have a lifetime of knowledge and experience. Imagine if you could tap into it, on demand, without having to spend hours searching the internet for the information you are after.

Progress: Partnering with the City of Armadale and City of Cockburn in Perth, IntheKnow is running a pilot trial focusing on gardening, to test the idea of people using a website to find someone in their local community to call about some gardening advice.

"If you are new to the startup scene, then there are three essential elements you will need to be successful. Collaboration, collaboration, and collaboration. That and a bucket load of perseverance." Brett Granger


IN DEVELOPMENT!!! Seniors Enterprise Centre

The Idea: Tackle age discrimination and underfunded retirement by establishing Seniors Enterprise Centres to provide start-up services focused on seniors wanting to start small businesses .

Progress: Doug has submitted several proposals to support a pilot project and while the general response is 'what a great idea', no funds have been made available as yet.

"The big win that the My Big Idea process has brought me is a wide network of supporters and contacts in the seniors innovation space, leading to a new idea that I'll be submitting in the next round." Doug Jacquier

I want to help


IN DEVELOPMENT!!! Widows are not on their own

The Idea: A compassionate eco-system to support widows to navigate their affairs after the loss of their spouse.

Progress: Major user research undertaken. Detailed paper-based MVP created. Clear next steps. Discussions under way with potential host organisation to take to next stage.


PROTOTYPE CREATED!!! A household wellbeing index

The Idea: A Household Wellbeing Index to report on the way in which government policies and actions affect individuals at the household (rather than national) level.

Progress: Idea reshaped to a National Wellbeing Index. Prototype created that measures progress on things that are important to Australians - based on the ten topics of My Big Idea. Initial discussions held with key potential partners to develop an improved version. Launch of full version planned for later in 2017.