Our winners and incubation partners have been busy. Here's an update on the winning ideas! Some are already live, some are close, and some have been hard to get off the ground. That's innovation. Follow their journey and lend your support. We'll update this page regularly, so keep checking back! Read more below...


it's Live!!! Teaching young people “Life admin”

Topic: Concern for future Australians

The Idea: Teaching young people life admin – how to apply for rental properties, do their taxes – what being an adult means.

Progress: The idea is now live across Australia! With FYA's "How To Adult" series reaching over 250,000 young people.

The Ask: Support for testing to iterate the concept and create versions for other media.

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GOING LIVE!!! Creative Geelong MakerSpace

Topic: Building a creative community

The Idea: A place, and space for the intersection of art, design and technology in Geelong.

Progress: Secured $100,000 funding from City of Greater Geelong.

The Ask: Fit-out and equipment for the MakerSpace.

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PROTOTYPE CREATED!!! A household wellbeing index

Topic: Accountability

The Idea: A Household Wellbeing Index to report on the way in which government policies and actions affect individuals at the household (rather than national) level.

Progress: Idea reshaped to a National Wellbeing Index. Prototype created that measures progress on things that are important to Australians - based on the ten topics of My Big Idea. Initial discussions held with key potential partners to develop an improved version. Launch of full version planned for later in 2017.

The Ask: Expert partners to: 1. Review the prototype and offer suggestions for improvements. 2. Design the next version of the index consistent with it being a stepping stone to a more sophisticated Household Wellbeing Index. 3. Provide access to necessary data sets.

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IN DEVELOPMENT!!! Widows are not on their own

Topic: Honesty

The Idea: A compassionate eco-system to support widows to navigate their affairs after the loss of their spouse.

Progress: Major user research undertaken. Detailed paper-based MVP created. Clear next steps.

The Ask: 1. A partner organisation to adopt the idea and oversee the creation and testing of a prototype. 2. Partners such as hospitals and mental health organisations, government departments, financial and legal providers to adapt their services (on an opt-in basis) to better serve widows. 3. Funding and / or in-kind support to enable the development of tools to help widows (including a website, an instructional video, and a documentary).

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Topic: Caring for the elderly

The Idea: Access the knowledge and experience of your community through real world personal connections.

Progress: Prototype website created focussed on people with problems and knowledge about citrus fruits.

The Ask: 1. Five more gardening Knowers - anyone with some gardening experience, particularly growing citrus trees, who enjoy sharing their knowledge and helping others to help with our trial. 2. An IT advisor, for guidance (and a bit of pro bono work) on full stack website development.

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Topic: Caring for the elderly

The Idea: PROTEGO is a simple, cost-effective solution that monitors the movements of elderly people in their own homes so that they can live safely and independently without the need to stay in a nursing home or with the family.

Progress: Initial user research undertaken. Secured ongoing support from UNSW. We have established the importance of identifying a general awareness of activity/movement of the elderly by their family/carer in a non-invasive manner as the first “solution”.

The Ask: A team of partners/collaborators that can help move the idea forward (technical, mentoring, planning, financial).

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IN DEVELOPMENT!!! Seniors Enterprise Centre + Over 55 start up business group

Topic: Employment opportunities

The Idea (combined from the two winners): To develop an enterprise centre focused on small business development and coaching for seniors.

Progress: Doug has submitted proposals to support the project to the AMP Tomorrow Fund and the SA Government’s ‘Share Economy’ development scheme. Independently, La Trobe University is pursuing the creation of a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC-P) to take a similar concept forward.

The Ask: Doug needs seed-funding to establish a pilot Senior Enterprise Centre in Adelaide before rolling out similar Centres in other locations. Meanwhile, La Trobe needs industry and research partners for the proposed CRC-P.

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Topic: Effective healthcare

The Idea: Use online tools and the existing network of mothers groups and playgroups to join families together to encourage and support each other in developing healthy eating habits.

Progress: A prototype of TableTalk - an online platform to help people eat better, together - is ready to be developed and tested with a small group of families.

The Ask: A partner organisation to adopt the idea and oversee the creation and testing of the prototype.

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Topic: Caring for the disadvantaged

The Idea: Two way experiences making it easy for Indigenous and other Australians of all ethnicities to share passions and achieve goals they set themselves.

Progress: Initial user research undertaken to identify key elements to test through a prototype.

The Ask: 1. A partner organisation to adopt the idea and oversee the creation and testing of the prototype. 2. Indigenous partners (individuals and/or organisations) to guide the development of this idea and/or join the team.

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Donations made simple

Topic: Caring for the disadvantaged

The Idea: Create a mobile phone application that rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar – then automatically donates the change to a charity of choice.

The Ask: The idea is currently being incubated by Macquarie Group.

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Government Data: Open by design

Topic: Government effectiveness

The Idea: Build a Government Open Data standard to unlock the power of data.

The Ask: On hold while Kathy has been busy making great progress on her other winning idea, Creative Geelong MakerSpace!

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