An app that rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar, donating the change automatically to your selected charities. You won't miss the small amount, but pooled across the country it could make a massive difference to those in need.

There are many apps and services that automate banking tasks. Accounting apps that import your transactions. Investment platforms that watch your accounts and automatically invest the 'change' from your purchases. This is technology that already exist, but has not yet been applied to charitable donations.

I rarely have change in my pocket these days. Most payments I make are via EFTPOS or online. And yet there are days when I walk past a volunteer holding out a donation bucket and wish I had some change in my pocket to donate. If only they took PayPass, or if I could tap my Opal card (hey, that's another idea!).

This app would allow a user to select one or more charities, connect to their bank and select options for how they wish to donate. They can set a fixed regular amount, or round up the purchases they make, donating the difference.

For example, a user buys lunch for $7.60 via eftpos. 40 cents is then deducted from their account and donated to the selected charities. It's no different to dropping 40c of coins into the charity tin at the counter, which is impossible to do electronically, and you get to choose the charity.

Come tax time, the app can sum and export your donations to include as deductions.

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