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Over 55 Start Up Business Group

A big idea by: Steven Oesterreich

This helps in easing part-time employment and older workers A free group is created to bring in over 55s and grant them seed money to start a new business - but they need to include expertise from all areas from this group.

  1. Establishing farming around the Lake Eyre region

    A big idea by: David Thackrah

    Given the advances in agriculture and horticulture and the carbon input approach to sustaining the soil it is time to find flood provision from desolate areas with clever use of the vast water covered area known as Lake Eyre

  2. The Peace paradigm

    A big idea by: trevor Parkhill

    Enable Australia to develop peace accords with all countries and become the first responders to international humanitarian need. Use our capabilities and resources to assist with medical aid, logistics, emergency food and water etc. in times of need.

  3. True blue boomer burgers

    A big idea by: robert robert

    My idea is to promote Australian food products in a unique forum to see that we, as a nation have products that no other nation can provide. I intend to provide uniquely Australian cuisine to residents with the aim to market globally

  4. Bicycle Safety

    A big idea by: Greg Hensel

    To develop a battery operated signal (blinker) system at the front and rear of all bicycles. To be activated by using a switch on the left or right handle grip when turning.This signal system could be incorporated in lights front and back.

  5. Medical diets

    A big idea by: Robyn Lucienne

    Diets for the elderly and disabled people in supported accommodation that are based on their medical condition. Food catering to their individual health needs.

  6. Separate banking investment powers for economic stability

    A big idea by: collin milhuisen

    Bank assets are held in one jar & no controls on where & how they invest,so they invest or gamble household savings & mortgages in dangerous & speculative markets such as derivatives & currencies, which caused the GFC & this must be limited.