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Over 55 Start Up Business Group

A big idea by: Steven Oesterreich

This helps in easing part-time employment and older workers A free group is created to bring in over 55s and grant them seed money to start a new business - but they need to include expertise from all areas from this group.

  1. Tidal power

    A big idea by: Mark Postle

    Tidal power is constant bar the changing of the tides, Australia is surrounded by ocean and the vast majority of the population live close to the coast.

  2. Friday's commun horticultural work

    A big idea by: Eva Samachis

    My idea is to create a few days a year where at least one adult per family, including visitors, is expected to attend to commun horticultutal work. This will allowe exchange of knowledge and a break in peoples lifes.

  3. Halve the worlds population

    A big idea by: Trish Burgoyne

    Our planet is already unsustainably overcrowded. In order to save it from further, irredeemable destruction, strict global birth control needs to be introduced and enforced. For this we need a world governing body that has the power to do that.