My Big Idea is a nationwide ideas competition that is focused on creating positive change for Australia.

Let’s shape Australia’s tomorrow.

We’re asking all Australians to submit ideas on ways to improve many aspects of our country and vote for other ideas that they feel passionate about. The top 100 ideas will go before a judging panel, with 10 winning being developed and brought to life, thanks to the support of some of Australia’s leading organisations.

Another outcome is that 500 Australians who submitted an idea will be invited to take part in a 3-month innovation capability-building program.

Who is behind My Big Idea?

My Big Idea is a non-politically aligned project driven by the Australian Futures Project - a registered charity focused on sourcing and bringing to life some of Australia’s most innovative and inspiring ideas for the country’s future. We created My Big Idea with some of Australia’s most trusted institutions and iconic brands to spark a deeper national conversation about Australia’s future based, encourage and facilitate citizen-led action towards that future, and instil a sense of possibility among Australians.

Transparency and charter.

My Big Idea is operated by the Australian Futures Project Limited ABN 80 605 648 977 (a non-profit, tax-exempt company limited by guarantee and registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission).

My Big Idea:

  • Is not-for-profit and for the public benefit.

  • Is open to all residents of Australia.

  • Does not have or push an agenda.

  • While enforcing clear terms and conditions, will be true throughout to its crowd-sourcing and wisdom-of-the-crowd premise without influence from any partner or funder.

  • Is fiercely independent of vested interests.

  • While potentially touching political issues and coinciding with a federal election campaign, is strictly non-partisan.

  • Is transparent in all its processes.

All data collected or created through My Big Idea will only be made available to partners, funders, and third parties strictly on terms agreed with The Australian Futures Project and strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Watch now: An introduction to My Big Idea by David Koch Our campaign video